Boutique Services for Select Clients

High-Stakes Negotiations

Intelligent help in making deals and reaching settlements

With superior analytical and negotiation proficiency combined with significant expertise in business and law, we have a unique set of skills to assist you in important business negotiations.

Your entire future success depends on those few instances during your business career when the best possible result must be achieved, and you cannot afford to make a mistake.

Terms negotiated today will be there for years to come.

LSS is a referral-only business. Our successful practice has been built solely on word-of-mouth referrals, with satisfied clients recommending us to their business associates.

We only take serious cases. If you need help in truly important negotiations where significantly more than $1,000,000 is at stake, contact us and we will show you how we can deliver significant extra value in the outcome of these negotiations.

(*) LSS is not a law firm and all clients must retain attorneys prior to engaging with LSS to assisting their legal team. Clients must rely solely on their attorneys for all legal advice and representation.

Litigation - Outside Paralegal Services

Intelligent integration with legal teams.
Unique strategy solutions.

We help clients and their legal teams work together to develop and implement superior legal strategies.

Why should one hire LSS in addition to already expensive lawyers?

Our unusual service is based on the recognition that the client who hires a lawyer knows little about law, and the lawyer knows equally little about business. Often, neither sees the whole picture.

We are experienced in both business and law. Our high-level analytical skills often allow us to propose solutions that neither the client nor the lawyer sees. Then the legal team implements these solutions with far superior outcomes.

Our multiple satisfied clients can attest to this. Not only have we been able to help them reach more advantageous results than they hoped for, but in most cases our involvement has reduced their legal fees by avoiding protracted litigation.

(*) LSS is not a law firm and all clients must retain attorneys prior to engaging with LSS to assisting their legal team. Clients must rely solely on their attorneys for all legal advice and representation.

Private Mediation

Intelligent help in resolving disputes. 100% successful track record.

Confrontation should always be the last resort.

Try to resolve your business dispute through mediation. Our high-efficiency neutral mediation service has a track record of successfully resolving every dispute we handled.

We conduct 2-party and 3-party mediation with and without attorneys representing each party. Our neutral mediator has an IQ of 164 and strong background in law, business, accounting and communications.

Our high fees must be paid upfront by each party to the dispute – this assures everyone’s goodwill and interest in a successful outcome.

We only take high-value cases. If you have a large business dispute ($1,000,000+) and you believe the other party is willing to negotiate, give us a call and we will try to make a deal that you and they can live with.

(*) LSS is not a law firm and all clients must retain attorneys prior to engaging with LSS to assisting their legal team. Clients must rely solely on their attorneys for all legal advice and representation.


Intelligent navigation of adversity. Fast and effective solutions.

Whether you are facing a tax audit or a criminal indictment, whether your business is in default on a large loan or has been destroyed by a fire – decisions you make now could make the difference between a disastrous outcome or surviving and overcoming this crisis.

Do not be a deer in the headlights.

Turn to LSS decision-making experts for guidance on navigating stormy waters during your most difficult time.


Our happy customers love to share their experience

  • Andrew is a brilliant expert in litigation and business, and a superb negotiator. His legal skills exceptional, and his analytical abilities are absolutely unmatched. Would not hesitate to recommend him to any client large enough to need and be able to use Andrew’s expertise.

    Marina K.


  • I have worked with Andrew on a few occasions, including on behalf of a client in a complicated legal appeal, with a voluminous record in the lower court. Although not an attorney Andrew possessed an intuitive grasp of the difficult legal issues we addressed and seamlessly managed my relationship with our Russian-speaking client. Importantly, Andrew understood how to balance the need to express his well-formed opinions both clearly and convincingly with a willingness to listen and learn. He is extremely smart, perceptive and capable, and is also an excellent team player. I value his assistance and would be pleased to work with him in the future.

    Richard L.


  • Andrew is an amazing negotiator. He masterfully helped resolve a major real estate dispute between me and two other co-owners of a condominium building in Old City Philadelphia. Prior to that, my lawyers from Anderson Kill spent six months trying to do the same and failed, at great cost to me. Andrew not only solved the problem, but he found a way to do so with a huge additional financial advantage in my favor. Andrew is now helping me and my lawyers in another major case. I will never again embark on any legal matter without bringing Andrew in to assist.

    Steve G.


  • Andrew is a highly skilled, tenacious and fair negotiator. I have had the pleasure of working with Andrew for a mutual client with great success, and I look forward to possible future engagements. Andrew’s litigation support services will prove highly useful to any resourceful commercial litigator.

    Craig C.


  • Andrew is the smartest (non) lawyer I know!

    I worked with him on several complex commercial cases and can attest first-hand that Andrew’s unique combination of thorough legal knowledge, substantial business expertise, negotiation skills and very high intelligence is virtually unmatched. I do not know any one person who can do all the things Andrew does with seeming ease and efficiency.

    George B.


  • I worked directly with Andrew in two complex commercial cases with several different parties, tens of thousands of documents, many levels of liability theories, including issues of bankruptcy, finance, liens, etc. In the first case, Andrew identified a legal theory and a procedural tool which allowed to get the case – which was initially expected to take years – resolved in less just 2 months. In the other case, where a large regional bank was a defendant that used a national law firm to mount what appeared to be a very strong defense, Andrew was first brilliant in identifying a novel legal theory that pierced that defense, and then synthesized the voluminous material down to three basic issues with a handful of exhibits that got the case settled for a very sizable amount.

    Andrew has the ability to see the big picture better than most people I know. His ability to think outside the box, identify and solve complicated issues – which most others would not be able to see and certainly not solve – is unmatched. He also knows law better than any businessman/client (and even many lawyers), he understands business better than any lawyer, and has the intelligence to analyze any legal situation like no other.

    Andrew’s company LSS now offers a litigation-management service which I would highly recommend to any client who has a large and difficult case and needs a super-competent wingman to help handle it. I would also recommend LSS and Andrew to anyone who has an issue which has a legal component but has not yet been reduced to a lawsuit – Andrew has the perfect set of skills to help resolve such situation before it devolves to a protracted litigation.

    David H.